KG Cup

KG Cup is a debating tournament held at Kungsholmens Gymnasium where schools from all over Sweden come together to engage in rhetorics, meet new people and compete. The tournament was founded in 2012 and quickly became one of the biggest debate tournaments in Sweden, and is only dwarfed by the Swedish Schools Debating Championships. Kungsholmens Debate Society is determined to carry on the success of the tournament from previous years, and hope you will join us in this pursuit.

The tournament is held in World Schools Debate format (or WSDC), a debate format used for high school debating worldwide. Teams of three face off against each other with an hour preparation beforehand. The debates will be judges by impartial adjudicators. Our chief adjudicator's panel this year is being headed by the Deputy Chief Adjudicator for WSDC 2015 Singapore and WSDC 2016 Stuttgart, Paidamwoyo Mangondo, together with renowned university debaters Carl-Fredrik Fries and Gustaf Lundgren. 


There will be a reception for teams arriving, where we will introduce you to the layout of Kungsholmens gymnasium, to make sure no one gets lost. Not only is it good for getting where you have to be, it is also the perfect opportunity to be introduced to the other teams. The dress code is business attire, which is traditional for debate tournaments.

KG Cup is the site for both Sweden's best debates but also a tournament where newcomers to debate have had their first contact with competative debating. So no matter your debating experiences KG Cup is a tournament for you. We hope that all of you join us for KG Cup 2016 and help us make it a wonderful experience for all. See you in March 18-20!