Kungsholmens Debating Society is a student association in Kungsholmens Gymnasium, Stockholm, Sweden. We work to further the art of debate and rethoric throughout the school by various means. KDS was founded by Oscar Stenbom and John Di Carlo in 2011 and has been growing ever since. 

Regular meetings are at the core of the association. Meetings can vary from practising competitive debate, holding workshops on how to improve your rhetoric to having fun and light-hearted debate games, like Debate Speeddate. We have debated everything from abortions to if Santa Claus actually is the devil.ce. 

In competitive debate you are handed a motion (topic) and a side to debate and you are assed by judges on how well you perform. We debate in high-school format (WSDC) and have had the honour of having debaters be part of the Swedish National Team in debate, travelling to the World Schools Debating Championship (WSDC) to represent Sweden.

KDS participates in a variety of debating tournaments, both domestically and internationally. We have participated in prestigious competitions such as the Swedish Schools Debating Championships and Heart of Europe. Additionally KDS helps to organize debating tournaments in Stockholm, for instance the Stockholm Invitational and KG Cup, where schools from around the country gather to decide who will be champion..

KDS represents Kungsholmen every year in what is known as Läroverksfejden, where 4 of the best high schools in Stockholm battle to win the title of 'best'. KDS organizes the debate and rhetoric tryouts for Kungsholmen, and participants are often KDS members. Kungsholmen has now won Läroverksfejden three consecutive years in a row.