Kungsholmen's Debating Society
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The KDS Board

Kungsholmen’s Debating Society is managed by seven motivated individuals who make up the KDS Board. We work to organise events and to keep the association thriving.

Who are we?

SSDC 2016

The annual Swedish Schools Debating Championship is returning to where high school debate in Sweden once was founded, Sigtunaskolan. SSDC is where one team is crowned best in Sweden and where the debaters qualified to apply to the national team are picked

SSDC 2016


What is Kungsholmen's Debating Society?

KDS is a student association at Kungsholmens Gymnasium in Stockholm, Sweden. We hold regular member meetings where we debate everything from abortions to Santa Claus, but in addition to that we also train debaters to participate in Sweden's competitive debate circuit

About us